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AGROFLORIN – Innovative BIOCOMPLEX from Russia

BIOCOMPLEX to increase fertility of soil: AGROFLORIN and AUXINOLEN
BIOCOMPLEX to increase fertility of soil: AGROFLORIN and AUXINOLEN

Setting the scene…fertile land in South Africa and importance to use BioComplex solutions to increase fertility of soil

            South Africa has limited fertile land and the majority of crop farmers need to increase the fertility of their soils to achieve good crop yields. Farmers in the fertile areas also need to maintain the fertility of their soils, as frequent cropping depletes the soil of nutrients. How farmers improve or maintain soil fertility is central to the sustainability of their operation. Information is based on WWF Organization report that you can read here. In this regards, use of organic (chemical free) BioComplex to increase fertility of soil is a critical solution for sustainable farming.

Changing land management practices

            People use organic fertilisers to improve soil such as (manure, urea, plant matter, bones, shells, lime) since ancient times . Synthetic fertilisers emerged in the 17th century and the industry burgeoned after the First World War. That was the time when facilities that had produced ammonia and nitrates for explosives were converted to produce nitrogen fertilisers. The development of the South African fertiliser industry dovetailed with the country’s mining industry. Correctly applied, fertilisers have a positive impact on soil fertility and plant growth, and were one of the main drivers behind the 20th century’s Green Revolution. Meanwhile, 21st century brings us back to beginning with exciting trend of organic (chemical free) industry worldwide. World is getting Green and organic food sales are growing rapidly. In this regards, certainly innovative and new BioComplex solutions to increase fertility of soil and give organic crop become interesting for sustainable farming and  agricultural businesses worldwide.

Let us introduce you innovative BioComplex Agroflorin and Auxinolen which increase fertility of soil

            Russia is famous for its science and technology innovations including biotechnology. HEY-RUS-SA is the exclusive distributor in South Africa of unique, organic BioComplex Agroflorin and Auxinolen which increase fertility of soil and improve crop yields. Numerous tests in different countries, such as Russia, Spain, Peru, Colombia confirmed effectiveness of Agroflorin and Auxinolen use. Saying that we tested different agricultural plants such as:

  • Wheat;
  • Corn (maize);
  • Potato;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Cotton;
  • Mustard.

What makes this BioComplex innovative and unique?

                Agroflorin, firstly is a biological product that restores the natural soil virginity. Secondly, it forms and protects the fertile (humus) (mulch) soil cover against degradation. Above all it purifies and rehabilitates the soil and restores the natural soil microflora balance after its treatment with chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. To sum up, Agroflorin is a biological product that contain a unique natural mix of biologically active compounds, phytohormones, and macro and micro elements. Please check detailed information here.

                Auxinolen, firstly is a biological product that suppresses phytopathogen and root blight growth. Secondly, it induces (builds up) complex non-specific resistance (immunity) in plants to numerous crop diseases of fungal, virus and bacterial origin. It is also stimulates production of protective substances – phytoalexins – in plants. Check more information here.
In other words, it’s a recommended for ECO farms and organic farming enterprises   BioComplex to increase fertility of soil and improve crop yields. It is non-hazardous for plants, people and animals.

Above all, internationally Accredited Certification Body (Equivalent European Union organic production & processing standard for third countries which is equivalent to the EU Regulations NQ 834/2007 and 889/2008) approved BioComplex Agroflorin application for the use in organic agriculture. Please review confirmation here.

Brilliant results for soil re-cultivation

            In addition to everything mentioned above Agroflorin proved itself in decrease of the heavy metals in the soil. It can be used for soil re-cultivation in industrial land and agricultural where it’s necessary to decrease the quantity of heavy metals.  Click here to read effectiveness report. Following the demand of one European company which sells coffee beans from Peru to Europe testing of Agroflorin was conducted as company meet constant problems of high content of heavy metals in the Peru coffee beans. Testing to check the influence of Agroflorin was done by certified Spanish laboratory.

Happy Clients all over the world…..


Please check here photo report from agricultural sector that prove advantage of applying  BioComplex Agroflorin and Auxinolen to increase fertility of soil. For example, we tested agricultural product – wheat. Here are some videos (unfortunately current voice accompaniment is only in Russian and Spanish) that describes the power of BioComplex Agroflorin and Auxinolen for corn (SA name for it is mille or maize :)) and tomatoes.

Video report_Tatarstan_corn_August 2018

Corn (mille), video from Tatarstan  (central part of Russia) – single application, video follow up after 5 weeks. Impressive results after applying of BioComplex Agroflorin/Auxinolen to increase fertility of soil and crop yields. You can see the difference between two fields.

Video report_ Spain_tomatoes_2018

This video is from Spain, tested on tomatoes. Single BioComplex application. Video follow up after 4,5 weeks…. Spain and South Africa have blessed conditions… But look at results… The row on the right side is the one processed with Agroflorin/Auxinolen  – on the every bush , single watering as per normal schedule – one plant is with tomato crop growing, leafs are bigger. After that look at the row on the left  – all the bushes are without tomatoes.
In other words, it’s true, Eco-friendly, innovative Russian organic product, with numerous positive direct and side effects, including increase of fertility of soil,  that may help to grow sustainable, profitable businesses for SA Farmers.
We are excited to find a farmer/retail to give it a try! Please contact us.

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