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Russian Chocolate and Sweets for South African market

Russian chocolate and sweets made with LOVE

Everyone likes a sweet treat once in a while. Chocolate triggers the release of endorphins and serotonin, which is certainly makes us feel good. It was a favorite hot drink with aphrodisiac qualities of European nobility and the aristocracy in the 18th century. Meanwhile chocolate, including Russian one is the most delicious and beloved treat by adults and children in all parts of the world.

Russian sweets…. Oh Yeah!

            Russian chocolate is, perhaps, not so widely known in the world as Swiss and Belgian one. However it is becoming more and more popular in many countries worldwide. Rich in taste, with the strong fragrance of natural cocoa and milk. Therefore, it has been highly appreciated for generations – from the Russian Empire to our days (the oldest existing chocolate factory was founded in 1867). The best Russian chocolate is firm and slightly bitter. Yummy!

Russian chocolate export statistics for 2018

            In addition, please review some interesting export statistics for 2018 (based on reliable, official resources in Russia 🙂 Check it here):

            In short, chocolate export growth accelerating rapidly and set records in recent years. That is to say, in 2018 total value of exported chocolate products was USD 632 million. Certainly, there are definitely some positive changes in today’s worldwide distribution geography of Russian chocolate. During 2014, almost 90% of product delivery (by weight) was going to CIS countries. Mongolia was the largest international buyer with a share of 3.6% (6 000 tons). Meanwhile, China imports same amount of Russian sweets monthly.

            In 2018, for instance, CIS region accounted for 64% of Russian chocolate product exports. Above all, about 16% of it was sent to China, which became the second largest buyer. Deliveries to Mongolia increased, however its share remained the same. In addition, markets of the Persian Gulf countries, such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq with a total share of more than 9% became the important export international buyers. Above all, export to Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and North and Eastern Africa became regular. Exports to North America grew up to 1.5 times. Meanwhile, European countries imported about 8 000 tons of chocolate.

Potential niche for South African consumers

            HEY-RUS-SA offers to South African market chocolate and sweets from more than 10 chocolate factories located all over Russia, from its western borders to Siberia and the Pacific Ocean shore.

            To clarify, all our suppliers are reliable producers with years of successful business history in Russian chocolate and sweets market. Most of them have already been making our kids in addition to adults happy with their delicious and quality treats for dozens of years. Combination of both – Russian chocolate manufacturing traditions and the latest technologies enable us to offer a wide selection of hundreds of products. They are regularly expanded and improved to deliver our consumers the best experience and joy from the new tastes.

Variety of choice… Russian chocolate and not only

            Certainly, HEY-RUS-SA is focused on our Clients and final Consumers and treasures their trust in our products. The main categories of our wide Russian chocolate and sweets range are as follow:

  • Nougat and soft caramel;
  • Candy;
  • Fast break (healthy bars);
  • Candy with cereal case;
  • Candies with cream fillings;
  • Glazed candy;
  • Bars and pralines muesli;
  • Plain and stuffed chocolate;
  • Chocolate bars;
  • Caramel;
  • Dried fruits dipped in chocolate;
  • Original products of the premium segment.

            Meanwhile, some of our products, for instance syrup-free mini caramel with improved taste and extended product validity are unique not only for Russia.

            Apart from regular branding HEY-RUS-SA can also supply you with customized, tailor-made one. Customized Russian chocolate packaging will perfectly work as a marketing tool to set your Company apart from competitors and leave enjoyable, sweet impression on Clients and final Consumers.

            If you find this information interesting and would like to introduce delicious Russian chocolate and sweets to the South African market, please contact us for details. Examples are available for tasting in South Africa.

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