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South African HOME for products made in Russia


Does Russia make and export things? I have never seen anything made in Russia in South Africa?

Oh Yes. So it’s a right time to look at made in Russia products and services with a wide range to offer from everyday use products to security solutions and innovative technologies. Please look at latest news here. Advantages in brief? Hey!  Firstly, quality is beautiful. Secondly, price you get is very attractive. Moreover, innovative products are available. Above all, from the business perspective – South African market is free.

Which «made in Russia» product could be interesting for my business or social project I’m involved in?

Made in Russia products presented in this website is the tip of the iceberg. Certainly, Russian chocolate is a yummy product at brilliant price. Russian sparkling wine is divine and perfect for businesses that need pleasantly surprise customers with NEW tastes. Above all, patented outdoor gym equipment… like it was made for South Africa, blessed with climate and loving sports. Finally, Innovative BioComplex is our proactive solution for organic planting and great support for South Africa agricultural sector.

However, there are so many other things to offer that are not at the website, yet. If you travelled to Russia or have any ideas that look interesting, please contact us. We are here to cooperate.

Can I get some samples to look at and try in South Africa?

Yes. We are B2B Company and therefore have some samples of Russian made products in South Africa. We are based in Durban and will be happy to post them to other cities. Please contact us.

Is it difficult to have business with Russia?

Hey! Would be honest – not easy!  Lots of issues involved, such as language, business culture, distance, trust, regulations etc. At the same time there are brilliant business opportunities there. HEY-RUS-SA can offer you a great solution as we are based both in South Africa and Russia, Moscow and understand the nature of business between countries. Please find out more about us.

Enjoy the day ahead and hope to hear from you soon.

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