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Dear visitor,

We are glad to welcome you at our website!

Thank you for showing interest to look at new opportunities and cooperation offered by HEY-RUS-SA Company in Business, Travel, and Export & Import between two dynamic countries – Russia and Republic of South Africa. I’m pleased to introduce you our team and hope to meet you one day.

Business between Russia and South Africa: so different and so alike countries…

In brief, Russia and South Africa are located in different continents and are so different from business, historical, political backgrounds… However, looking at the latest history there is one thing in common – both countries are firstly, young. Secondly, forward-looking ones, with free market economies and enormous business potential.

Here are some important history dates

  • USSR (Soviet Union) collapsed in 1991 and democratic Russian Federation was founded;
  • Apartheid in South Africa came to an end in the early 1990s. Series of steps led to the formation of the democratic South Africa in 1994.

We, HEY-RUS-SA believe that Russia and South Africa have so much to offer each other from business perspective.

HEY-RUS-SA….How we start it

                HEY-RUS-SA team, began their exciting business journey from Republic of South Africa to the freezing cold and mysterious Russia more than 15 years ago. Thanks, among other things, to us Russian consumers have got acquainted with a wide palette of various South African brands and products.

HEY-RUS-SA today: new business opportunities

           Today, we see our mission in organizing business in the opposite direction. HEY-RUS-SA would like to present the achievements of Russian, industry, science and agriculture into the South African market.

              To sum up, HEY-RUS-SA offers «made in Russia» products and know-how technologies to the South African market. We are looking for partnership with retailers and wholesalers, specialized stores and reliable businesses, governmental and municipal institutions.

               Moreover, HEY-RUS-SA verified all the Russian suppliers presented at the website. They are established manufactures with years of successful quality delivery in to the Russian market together with overseas countries.

           In addition, we did a home work and compared pricing «on South African shelves» with buying prices in Russia. Similar products «made in Russia» are available and we can ensure that it is the best value for money.

Please contact us to get the price lists for the range of products you find interesting.

Introducing “made in” South Africa products and business into Russia

           Are you a proud producer of South Africa who is looking for business opportunities to expand product distribution into Russia? If so, please, contact HEY-RUS-SA team.

Working with HEY-RUS-SA

           HEY-RUS-SA Company is based and registered in Durban, South Africa. Representative founder’s team is also based in Moscow, Russia. This Company structure makes it possible to provide the best communication between two countries. It also helps to deliver quality expertise in market knowledge with full understanding of specific business culture of each market.

           In conclusion, we are open for business partnership and cooperation and look in to the future with confidence. Our success is based on “three pillars” – perfect market knowledge, continues research for new opportunities and high professionalism of the consistent HEY-RUS-SA team!

Sincerely yours,

Elena Terentyeva

Managing Director Hey Rus-SA

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